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Welcome to JGP Design, the freelance design hub of graphic designer Jill Plamondon based in Northern Michigan.


Partnering, listening, utilizing resources, and collaborating are all essential elements to thrive and create the visual, personal story for clients. This site is dedicated to the sampling of visual tales created over the past 20 years. 



A quarterly health and wellness newsletter magazine for employees at DTE detailing timely information as well as employee testimonials and success stories.



Branding with a personal flare to visually relate to the founder of a talent management agency as well as represent her broad skills focusing on strategy development and culture alignment.



Branding and mailing for an overall campaign to encourage and advise coal miner employees to take initiatives for a healthier lifestyle for their families and loved ones.

Authentic Leland Blue, petoskey stone and beach glass jewelry inspired my the shores of Leland, Michigan.

Thank you for visiting the portfolio of JGP Design.

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When I am not sitting at my desk creating design for clients, I might be out on a run, at my kids' sporting event or walking the beaches looking for Leland Blue and petoskey stones. I'm a person that embraces the project I am working on in  that moment.


I think my career of choice has created me and I can commit to very long hours—possibly a little too well, as I became a runner more than 10  years ago. I ran my first 50 miler endurance race at age 40. I've since completed a couple 100 miles races and many more other ultras. Due to an ankle surgery I have been layed up for a bit. But I hope to hit the ground running in 2021.


I've considered myself very fortunate to team with the colleagues and clients I have through the years creating infographics, brochures, flyers, posters, books, CDs, websites, overall branding for cohesiveness and much, much more. I appreciate the input each has had. My clients have been both big and small names in retail, health care, manufacturing, education, nonprofit and the list goes on.

Previously, I worked at Interlochen Center for the Arts, where I was the lead designer and design manager for more than 8 years where I created the logo and brand they still use today. Since then, I have has designed communications for internal employee and leader audiences for more than a decade.

I have  a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from Ferris State University in Michigan. My work has won recognition from the Detroit International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Renaissance Awards and the Northern Michigan Advertising Club Max Awards. Although I am really not that into awards. After all, I like to run 100 miles in more than 28 hours and all I receive is a belt buckle made in China. 

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